Pass Plus

Have you passed your driving test yet? . . . Then why not enrol in a Pass Plus driving course and qualify for cheaper car insurance. The Government, DSA, and 63% of private car insurers support Pass Plus. Contact us today to arrange your course.

Why Pass Plus?
New drivers make up just 10% of license holders but are involved in 29% of accidents.

The Pass Plus driving course consists of 6 driving modules covering the following subjects:

  • Town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual Carriageway driving
  • Motorway driving

Pass Plus Driving Course
A pass plus driving course consists of 6 hours + training after the practical driving test is passed, which includes motorway and night driving .This course gives the new driver lots of driving experience in different conditions and roads.

This driving course can be taken with any registered driving instructor within one year of passing your driving test to gain a certificate which entitles you to a discount of BETWEEN 20% and 45 % off insurance with most companies. It is not unusual for this to save £500 – £1000 or more for drivers under the age of 21.

This is not like a practical driving test. It is instead a course of instruction with a driving instructor to gain driving experience. The course consists of 6 modules of at least 1 hour each:

There is no test to take and on completion of the Pass Plus driving course with your driving instructor, the DSA will send successful pupils a certificate. More information can be found at


More information can be found here: 

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