Theory Revision

Practical Information

  1. Moving Off from Rest
  2. Stopping FFF
  3. Careless Driving Laws
  4. Car inspection before buying
  5. Supervisor Driving Test
  6. The Driving Test
  7. Motor Insurance tests telematics
  8. Telematics
  9. Effective Observation SMIDSY


Theory Information:

  1. ABS Braking
  2. Tread Wear Indicator
  3. Flashing Headlights
  4. Tailgating
  5. Stopping Distance Chart
  6. Jazz Tyre Pressures
  7. Improving MPG
  8. Safe Parking on Hills
  9. Dealing with a Flooded Road
  10. Stopping In Feet Metres Car Lengths
  11. Signs Shape
  12. Mirrors
  13. Powder Check
  14. Eco Driving
  15. Tyre Safety
  16. Gears
  17. Show Me Tell Me
  18. Independent Driving Student Info

Question Papers:

Please see Question papers to do with each topic of the theory driving test.

Over View of Each Topic

PDS Theory Topics – Theory Topics  Overview 

PDS Theory Revision Schedule  –  Theory Topics Detailed


  1. Safety and Your Vehicle
  2. Legal Documents
  3. Attitude23 PDS Motorway Rules
  4. Hazards
  5. Driver Behaviour
  6. Other Types Of Vehicle]
  7. Safety Margins
  8. Traffic Sign Tests 1+2







* Please note, these are a selection of the subject. the questions are updated all the time so to cover all the topics and questions isn’t possible.